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Expertise To Ensure Sustainable Success

PreventiCare Assistance CONSULTING deploys its expertise to produce sustainable results with high impact, for its clients and partners.

Our customized solutions, based on experienced and proven international standards, help maximize workplace safety, health management, operational efficiency, environmental management and skills development.

With our result-oriented solutions, we can help your organization reduce injury rates, increase productivity, exceed regulatory requirements, improve the security of technology processes, and reduce costs.



One of the biggest challenges of the coming decades will be the protection of employees and the sustainability of the Environment and Operations.
At PreventiCare CONSULTING, we work with our clients to develop a wide range of solutions and programs to protect life and preserve our environment.
We also offer independent interventions, à la carte, adaptable to the cultural and operational contexts of our clients.


Being conscious of the road safety challenge in African countries and mastering the socio-cultural and regulatory parameters of the region, PreventiCare CONSULTING is positioning itself as a regional leader in road safety management consultancy and defensive driving.
Our related programs cover the management, skills, communication, equipment and control aspects.

Training and competence management

Bringing together expert consultants in adult training, behavioral safety and training architecture, we put at your disposal all the means to better train your employees in order to protect their lives, but also to develop the essential skills that ensure sustainability of your company.
With a range of management leadership training and coaching, we help your managers develop essential skills in day-to-day safety management.
In addition to training à la carte, PreventiCare CONSULTING also offers customized training, developed by our training architects based on precise specifications or internal standards of the client.


We support you in your process of health and safety management system, for ISO 45001 certification.


Communication is a crucial element for the success of any cultural transformation.
To help our clients succeed in their safety culture improvement and risk prevention projects, PreventiCare CONSULTING offers a communication consulting service as well as audio-visual products addressed to both hearts and minds.

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